Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CALE'S WANDERINGS: My Chosen Examples of Outstanding Virtual Designs & Experiences

TOP Recommendations for the Week of October 17th
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SCARE ME SILLY - Water Haven, Kultivate Magazine Headquarters
This is a fundraising event by Team Diabetes in SL.  Held on the north half of Water Haven, home to Kutlivate Magazine, John & Eleseren Brianna have created much of the festival environment, and it is filled with plenty of spookability and outright horror such as you would expect this time of year. 

Check out the haunted house, and the general lay-out.  Kultivate Magazine is among those producing outstanding, large scale, well planned and executed public events in virtual worlds, as well as producing a blog and multiple regular publications. Not an example of narrative design, but certainly very successful event design.

CeSOIR ARTS - Ce Soir "Tonight"
Mirielle and Aeon Jenieve-Woodford created Ce Soir Arts in 2012, and have steadily built, reimagined, and maintained this lovely region.  They maintain a regular schedule of live music, spoken word, other performing arts in addition to gallery shows.  OF COURSE, they have a spooky build for the season. 

This is also a build whose narrative is not apparent, but the cohesion of the elements and the flow of the land make it clear that it exists.  One of the key elements of narrative building is the strong presence of organic logic. Ce Soir has that in abundance, AND it is almost never, ever laggy!

Challenge: Can you find your way underground to the dungeon? The journey beneath can be as rewarding as the journey above!


TOP Recommendations for the Week of October 10th
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INVICTUS - Linden Endowment for the Arts Region 25
Linden Endowment for the Arts is a 29 Region Estate administered by a resident committee.  Twice a year the "Core" regions and "Artist in Residence" regions are granted to individuals and groups to promote art and artistic expression using the virtual world as a medium. Learn More Here and see some previous grantees, including myself.

Invictus is a poem by 19th C English poet  William Ernest Henley.  Written when Henley was very young and under some extraordinary circumstances, the poem is an invocation of strength abd resilience that is remarkable, economic, and powerful.

The LEA build by Storm Septimus is a journey through the words of the poem, to an ending that is not neat, but does bring peace. The narrative creation is rich, and has a great Caravaggio-esque quality that is perfect for the material and for Autumn.

Challenge:  Can you identify at least five different visual metaphors that the artist used to connect the visual elements to the Henley's words?

A classic haunted house with many of the traditional trappings, including severed body parts, incongruously posed skeletons, and freaky nursery.  For those who love haunted houses, the classics never die, they just come back every Halloween season.

Challenge:  How many standard visual haunted house/horror movie elements can you find? Can you name their source ?  (i.e. this if from the movie ______, or the story ______) 


TOP Recommendations for the Week of October 3rd
Hope you like SPOOKY! 

NEVERLAND - Calas Galadhon Park's Annual Halloween Celebration
Be sure an follow the viewing instructions at the Landing Zone, if you can.  I highly recommend taking the guided boat tour (found near the LZ) and getting an overview of the entire two-sim creation first, before exploring on foot.  You will see incredible things on both that you would miss otherwise.  The boat ride is 35 - 45 minutes approx.

Challenge:  Can you find Bambi?  Can you find the sock monkey?  Did you make your way to "The Portal"?


An outstanding example of narrative region building! There's a story behind this, a mystery.  Can you figure out what it is?

Challenge:  How many train cars are there?  How many freaky puppets?  Did you find the ghost child and the TV?


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