Cale on Promotion

In 2016 I accepted an offer by blogger Inara Pey to guest blog a series of posts on virtual event promotion.  This series represents my most comprehensive sharing of promo basics to date.  

And it won't end here.  Inara and I have already discussed some additional articles.

And for those venue or estate owners who look at this and say "See, I don't need to do anything!  Artists just need to read this series and do it!"  I call a big fat BULLSHIT!  When you won a venue or an estate and you want to create meaningful, profitable traffic, it is in your best interest to work in partnership with artists and performers to extend your reach. 

People who like the venue + people who like the performer = more people.  People who just like the performer + nothing = not as much.  It's pretty basic math.  Someone once wisely told me that life is like a sack lunch, what you pack into it in the morning is what you will enjoy ant noontime. Promotion and creating venue traffic is much the same, what you put into it is what you get out of it.

So, coming soon The Art of the Crossover

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