i466 Design Primer

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When we design for our own spaces, we make choices based on those things that please us - creating the atmosphere that we desire.

When we design for others, we need to understand what elements beyond personal taste will influence the experience we are trying to create, and which will lead the user to the experience that we intend.

Where to begin?

Those elements of design that apply to other fields, also apply here:
  • Color
  • Line
  • Texture
  • Form
  • Mass
  • Unity/Harmony
  • Balance

  • Who is this environment for, and what is the intention of it?
  • Who or what does it reflect?
  • What statements does this environment make?
  • What is the user/owners relationship to it
For fun, let's take these two quick surveys:

(Click on the Image to see the Color Strip more closely)
      1                         2                        3                      4                      5

(Click on the Image to see the Texture Strip more closely)
      1                         2                        3                      4                      5

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